Where to Eat at Puerto Princesa

There are several recommended places to eat in Puerto Princesa from the blog searches that I’ve made. Most recommended would be Kahlui, Kinabutch, and Balinsasayaw. However, we had limited experience with the food in Puerto Princesa. We had a buffet lunch in our first day and brunch at Pandan Island in the 2nd day. We had dinner at Bona’s Chaolong in our Day1 and Kahlui in our Day2.

Bona’s Chaolong

We’ve heard of Vietnamese cuisine proliferating in Puerto Princesa. We asked about it and were told of Bona’s Chaolong. We rode a tricycle (Php20 each from gohotel) and on our way there, the driver told us that there’s a bigger Vietnamese restaurant. However, locals tend to eat at Bona’s (where we’re headed) and I thought I’d rather eat where the locals eat. And we made the right choice.

It’s my first time to try out a Vietnamese cuisine. I’m not even sure if it’s authentic but it’s still something new for me. At first, I thought the noodles will not satisfy my hunger but as I finish my food, boy, was I full! I loved the yakult shake and I crave for it until now.

beef stew w/noodles + cheese french bread + yakult shake = Php110

Food is very affordable and good but don’t expect much ambiance.

Kahlui Restaurant

I was pretty excited to try this restaurant after reading reviews which basically say that it’s pricey but has great ambiance and it’s a must-try. So, just like what I’ve read from other blogs, we booked a reservation for Kahlui the night before as they get filled up every night, which is true.

They will have you remove your footwear upon entering the resto. I guess it’s part of their uniqueness or trademark. The orange-colored lights, wooden floors, and all-native surroundings make up their ambiance.

They have limited menu and yes, they’re a bit pricey. In short, we were all disappointed with all the fuss for this resto when there’s nothing special with their food. For a meal and a drink, we paid around Php315!

grilled tuna

TIP: Don’t forget to ask for dessert. It’s for FREE but you have to ask for it. They might offer you their naughty dessert, here’s what it is:

Naughty dessert

Good thing we’re done eating when they served this. -_-

My take, nothing to lose if you skip this in your itinerary.

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