Bohol Tour 2013

It’s been a week since my Bohol getaway. My boyfriend, my sisters and I were able to purchase seats on sale from Zest Air last August 2012. Round trip to and from Tagbilaran were at Php978.40. We were only able to purchase 3 though. 1 ticket was priced at Php1929.07. We just divided the total of the 4 tickets among us.

I started to research for places to go in Bohol and Dumaluan Resort was highly recommended by friends and relatives. My sisters stayed there last 2011 and now they’re going back there with me and my boyfriend. Now my problem was whether to take their package tours or research on do-it-yourself (DIY) activities. My first instinct was to research on DIY Bohol tour. Most DIY entails hiring a car since public transportations are scarce in Bohol. It would take you hours waiting for a public transpo. Rent-a-car starts at Php2000 for 8 hours of tour and there are additional payments for every excess hour. Price varies on the kind of car that will be used. Vans are more expensive and are used for passengers of 5 or more.

I listed all the places we wanted to visit in Bohol taking into consideration my sisters who already had the Countryside Tour from Dumaluan last 2011. We all agreed to skip the churches, Blood Compact Site, and the Butterfly farm. Crossing out places we don’t really want to see maximizes our time (and use of the rented car, if ever) and money as well (less entrance fees). Below are the places we wanted to see:

Chocolate Hills

Man-made Forest

Hanging bridge

Bohol Bee Farm

Loboc River Cruise



Firefly Watching


Dolphin Watching

Island Hopping (Balicasag and Virgin islands)

Hinagdanan Cave

That seemed a lot of places and we actually just had 2 whole days in Bohol. The package tours from Dumaluan didn’t seem to accommodate such customized itinerary. I asked about it thru email but they didn’t answer my question. So I went ahead and texted rental cars in Bohol but their itineraries were pretty much fixed too. Good thing I came across Kuya Johnny. He was very entertaining. He was even the one who kept on calling me to ask about the details of our tour. I said I wanted to stay in Dumaluan but their package does not fit our itinerary. I told him the places we wanted to see and he gave us a good price which included the rooms for Dumaluan2 (the Dumaluan Resort with swimming pool). It wasn’t an easy decision to take his package tour coz I was really weighing Dumaluan’s package tour, DIY, and Kuya Johnny’s. But according to my computation, Kuya Johnny’s offer was cheaper.

Kuya Johnny’s tour included the stay in Dumaluan which included free breakfasts, roundtrip transfer to and from the airport and resort, and all entrance fees in our itineraries. The package tour cost us Php5,250/person. Please take note that our “customized” tour from Kuya Johnny is like a combination of 2 to 3 standard package tours (Panglao Tour, Countryside Tour, and Island Hopping).

Please read the succeeding posts for our fun tour in Bohol! ^_^ Here’s a sneak peek of our tour:

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10 thoughts on “Bohol Tour 2013

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  4. Libby

    Hello. Pretty helpful read you have here. A friend and I are scheduled to go to Bohol in June. I am in charge of tour bookings and would like to ask if you could possibly give me “Kuya Johnny’s” contact number. As you said, the normal countryside tours are pretty much fixed. There are places in their lists that we opt not to visit, so a sort of DIY tour would be very much better for us. We’ll talk through it with “Kuya Johnny.” Thanks in advance. Keep bloggin’ ❤

  5. danny de guzman

    good am. Iterenary po sa tour may tarsier encounter, prony the python, loboc river cruise floating rest.,hanging bridge,chocolate hills, dolphin watching, hinagdanan cave… sched : My 01, 2013 3d/2n
    for two person. Can we have contact numbaer of kuay jonny ?
    thanks po.

  6. hi. sorry for the late reply @libby. here’s kuya johnny’s contact numbers 09177031664, 09999906216, 09228213055. You may also contact him at Enjoy your vacation!

  7. John Vizcarra

    I plan to do a DIY of Bohol this June and I’d like to know what the most efficient route to take ig gooing by car or motorcycle.

  8. shing05

    hi.. wer planning to visit bohol by august. And ur itinerary fits mine too but gonnna exclude the resort. Can u give me kuya johnny’s #? it wud be a great help. tnx:))

  9. Hi John! Sorry for the late reply. I’m not sure which is the most efficient route as we rented a van when we went there.

    Hi shing05! Sorry for the late reply. Here’ Kuya Johnny’s contact numbers 09177031664, 09999906216, 09228213055. You may also contact him at Enjoy your vacation!

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