Cagbalete Island: Where to Stay

There are a lot of blog posts on where to stay in Cagbalete. Here are some of them:

Villa Cleofas

Pansacola Beach Resort

Villa Noe Beach Resort

Dona Choleng (with AC rooms)


The resorts are owned by 1 family with just varying prices and amenities. Most of the resorts have cottage-type rooms with fans. I think, as of this writing, only Dona Choleng has rooms with AC thus, they’re a bit expensive. The rest ranges from Php1000 – 4000 depending on the number of people.

We opted to stay at Villa Noe Beach Resort because they are quite new. Although most of the blogs I read stayed at Villa Cleofas. Anyway, the 2 are just near each other.

The room we got was a room good for 4 – 6 people, Php2000. You may opt to bring your own tent so you’ll just have to pay for Php200/night. They also have their own tents which you can rent for Php300 – 500/night depending on the tent.

When we arrived, we thought the room was too small for all 5 of us to fit so we asked if there are other available rooms that are bigger. We were okay in having to add a few amount as long as we’re comfortable. Good thing there was a room that’s just Php1000 good for 2-3 people. We took 2 of those rooms so we didn’t have to add any amount. 🙂

1st room given to us

1st room given to us

inside the room

inside the room we stayed

room/s where we stayed

room/s where we stayed

just the basics

just the basics


The cottage where we get to eat and stay lazy was given to us for free. 🙂



Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of the restrooms but I assure you they are clean and well-maintained. There are 2 shower rooms, 2 toilets, and 2 shower/toilet rooms.

They have a “cooking area” where you have to use charcoal to cook your food. It’s always a great experience to cook from scratch. Just bring your own charcoal and if it runs out, they sell charcoal for Php20 a pack. 🙂 They lent us cooking utensils but it’s also better if you bring your own.

80g squid for Php80 only

1.1kg squid for Php110

1.10kg fish for only Php110

80g fish for Php80

no room for rice cooker

no room for rice cooker

Our stay at Villa Noe and Cagbalete was just really great! Time went by really slow that we were able to take a rest for what seemed like hours but in reality it wasn’t that long. We didn’t even think of going island hopping, kayaking, or scuba diving because we were that satisfied just listening to the wind and waves and looking at the wonderful view in front of the beach.

We enjoyed the water because it was warm! 🙂 However, high tide comes in late in the afternoon so if you like deep waters you’d have to wait til then.

the view

the view

Villa Noe Beach

Villa Noe Beach

low tide

low tide

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7 thoughts on “Cagbalete Island: Where to Stay

  1. unhappy customer

    Emma, i dont know if she’s the owner of VILLA NOE is very unprofessional and impolite. I called around 8am and it took three times before she answered the phone which i didnt mind at first because i thought she’s just busy. I had an inquiry and she confirmed that i can book the room good for 2 at 1000php and when im about to say my name, she ordered me to just text it and hung up immediately. So I texted her and asked things regarding the resort,however i didn’t get any response. And when i called again at 2:45pm, she said that she didn’t receive any calls or messages from me. I even have to repeat our conversation so she can recall. In the end, she said that ‘that’ room is not available any more, and the only room she can give me is the one worth 2000. I don’t think people should be treated based on how much he/ she can pay. I just hope Emma will not do it a gain to the people who want to visit and appreciate Cagbalete.

    • ryan manaog

      discover, dona choleng resort, a tourist friendly resort

  2. sorry to hear that…although my sister is the one who took care of our lodging in Villa Noe, I do recall that it took them a long time to reply to my sister’s texts. we were disappointed at first because of the room that they gave us but good thing they were able to find another vacant room/s for us. There are other places to stay in Cagbalete that’s why I was thinking if we won’t have a room in Villa Noe, we could just find one when we get there. Maybe it’s peak season that’s why the whole thing happened. Hope u were able to find a place to stay.

  3. Jenny

    Hello! common restrooms po ba ang meron sila? thanks in advance!

  4. Hi jenny! Yes, their restrooms are common restrooms but they’re well-,maintained 🙂

  5. Kim Kumatsu

    Very unfriendly nga ang pagaccommodate sa queries ng mga tao sa Villa Noe. When I called, ang sabe magtext na lang daw and then hindi naman sila nagrereply.Disappointing.

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