Latin American Streetfood at Brasas

I first tried this resto at SM Aura back in October 2013 and ordered their salad.  I didn’t expect that their serving was huge. The salad was enough for my dinner. I’m no vegetarian or salad-eater but theirs was good enough for me to finish the whole bunch.

The second time I tried this was at SM North EDSA (The Block) just yesterday. I ordered the Carne Asada Wrap for a change. When it was served, I thought “2 wraps for Php290?!” I felt shortchanged BUT when I took the first bite, I realized the wrap was really stuffed with meat and all its ingredients. It was good but it was Tacobell good. 🙂 It tasted like Tacobell’s beef wrap, only bigger and comes in two slices.


My bf ordered the Puerco Asado, slow-roasted pork belly with crunchy skin. It’s like our pork liempo.  It also costs Php290.


Brasas is a good alternative if you’re running out of fastfoods to eat from. With their price, I think the next time I’ll be there will be next year.

Here are some shots of their menu:

O Price: a bit pricey for me

✔ Taste

✔ Place

Will I come back here? YES 🙂

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