The Satchmi Experience

Picture this: a cozy place where you could drink your coffee, read a book, and listen to music being played at a turntable. Yep, there is such a cafe and it’s found in Megamall (4F, Mega Fashion Hall). I’m glad I stumbled upon Satchmi. I really enjoyed my coffee experience here. It wasn’t so much about the coffee I’m drinking. It was the vintage feel of the place with all the turntables and vinyl records around you plus the books that you can read while sipping your coffee. I highly recommend vinyl record lovers to check out the place. I just don’t frequent Megamall but if I do, it will be another favorite nook of mine aside from Parvati.

Satchmi also sells vinyl records, turntables, ties, and socks at their store. You could also check out their website at

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