The Z Compound

As I looked for more interesting places to eat at Maginhawa St., I stumbled upon the Z Compound at #33A Malingap St. Quezon City. It is near the vicinity of Ally’s All-day Breakfast.

The Z Compound is a place where different food stalls with their own specialties come together just like in a food court. My first visit there was really exciting. You’ll feel like a kid in Candyland. You don’t know where to start and you want to try a little something from all the different stalls and restos. There are around fourteen of them in 1 compound and the food varies from Asian, Mexican, Mediterranean (shawarma), and American (burgers).

Chamba Juice serves the popular fishbowl raspberry drink. You’ll see at least one of that drink in most tables. It costs Php80 but is good for 3 – 4 people.

Burgers and Fries are served by The Burger Hub for as low as Php95.

Love Me Long Time serves Vietnamese and Thai food. As I haven’t tried real Vietnamese and Thai food, I can’t say if their food tastes like the original. I tried their Bahn Mi and it’s good. It’s like a sandwich from Subway. It’s priced at Php99 and is really loaded with fillings. I have yet to try the Vietnamese and Thai iced coffees though.

Samu Eats, one of my favorites (we’ve been back here at least 3 times), serves Japanese food at very reasonable prices. Their Bento box is priced at Php120 and includes miso soup, cabbage salad, and red iced (which tastes like the raspberry drink from Chamba Juice). I’ve tried their chicken Bento box and I was really satisfied. My tummy was happy.

Of course any Japanese resto isn’t complete without the sushi and sashimi. Their spicy tuna sashimi is priced at Php140 while their California roll is at Php99. They are okay (according to my bf) but not that good if you’re expecting something more authentic.

What I like about the Z Compound is that they are generous with their servings at affordable prices. There are still a lot of cuisines to try at the Z Compound and it’s always delightful to go back. They are open from 3PM and are closed every Tuesday. Best time to go there is from 4PM to 5:30PM. After that, people start to rush in and the crowd thickens. Will definitely come back here for more!

How to go there:

From Quezon City Circle (near the city hall), ride a tricycle near PNB (Kalayaan Ave). Instruct the tricycle driver to drop you off at Malingap St. or Z compound. Fare is at Php30 – 35.

✔ Price

✔ Taste

✔ Place

Will I come back here? YES 🙂

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