DIY Cebu: Day 1 at Cebu City

Another great way to end the year is to go see a new place. For me, that new place is Cebu. I’ve been to Cebu but only in Mactan. This time, I got to see Cebu city, Oslob, and Bantayan. It was only then that I realized how big Cebu is and that what felt like a long 5-day trip would seem to be short if I want to see all of the scenic spots. From having 4 areas of interest (Oslob, Bantayan, Moalboal, and Malapascua), I cut it down to two – Oslob and Bantayan.

Here’s a map of Cebu from Google:

cebu map

Gran Tierra Suites

I chose Gran Tierra Suites because it is near the South bus terminal, where we will be riding a bus on our way to Oslob. Also, it is near the Fuente Circle and the famous Larsian’s where most blog posts I’ve read had recommended. It is 30 – 35 minutes away from the airport, depending on the traffic.

Our flight to Cebu was too early so we were also too early to check-in the hotel as their check-in time was at 2PM but they were kind enough to let us check-in as soon as a room was vacant. They served us complimentary snacks from their pastry store that tasted really good! They also have a water dispenser located outside the hall of the rooms for their guests. I’d say Gran Tierra Suites has good service and great value for your money.

After resting, we had our (late)lunch/dinner at Larsian’s. You can go there by foot from Gran Tierra Suites. In fact, you can explore the area around the Fuente Circle by foot.  Dining at Larsian’s was an exciting experience. It’s a grill place where you go around and order what you want to be cooked and they will cook it for you. However, there’s no “cup of rice” instead “puso” rice are being served and no utensils but plastic gloves are provided.

We were served 15pcs of rice. We thought we had to finish them all as they are part of what we are going to pay for. It was on our dinner the following day that we realized that you only consume and pay for the rice that you can finish. >_< We also ordered tinolang halaan (clam).

Just writing about it makes me miss the place. You just have to be smart in your order to make the most of your budget. 🙂 And come in early as the place tends to be packed with people on peak dining hours. We came in around 5:30PM and the place was ours before people started coming in.



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