DIY Cebu: Day 2 Whaleshark watching at Oslob

I’ve researched thoroughly before we had this trip and I knew that if we wanted to see the whalesharks early, we had to get up early. This is also the reason why I chose Gran Tierra Suites. It is near the South Bus terminal where we would ride a bus going to Oslob. They operate as early as 3AM. Make sure you ride the Ceres bus line. They are very efficient and on-time. Here’s their cebu bus sched.

How to go to Oslob from Cebu city
1. Ride the Ceres bus line at the South bus terminal. Travel time is at 3-4 hours. There are some stops made for comfort room breaks.
2. You won’t miss the drop off area as there are signs at the road and the bus conductor would also call out those who are getting off at Oslob.
3. From there, you’ll spot a registration area where you pay for which activities you want to avail of. Php500 if you want to get off the boat and swim with the whalesharks, Php300 if you will stay in the boat and just watch the whalesharks. They also have go pro cameras for rent for Php550. If you avail of it, the boatmen will take your picture underwater. If not, you’ll have to take the picture yourself.

TIP: Go on a weekday. There are several people during weekdays. We had ours on a weekday and the place was really crowded but it was really organized and systematic.
We were 110th on the line when we arrived. We waited for around an hour before we got our turn. The whaleshark watching takes around 30 minutes.


Itinerary and Expenses:

3am – 3:15am      taxi from Gran Tierra to South Bus Terminal                  Php100

3:55am                   bus left for Oslob                                                                      Php165/person

7am                        arrived at Oslob

8:30                        standby for our turn to view the whalesharks              Php300/person


9:00                        done and ready for Sumilon Island

Total: Php680 – if you will view from the boat (includes another Php165 for the bus ride back to Cebu city)

Php880 – if you will swim with the whaleshark (inlcudes another Php165 for the bus ride back to Cebu City)


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12 thoughts on “DIY Cebu: Day 2 Whaleshark watching at Oslob

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  3. camille

    hi this is really helpful. I would just like to ask if the rates for whale shark watching would be 880 if you’ll swim with the gentle giants right?

  4. Hi @camille! yes, 880 if you’ll swim with the whalesharks 🙂

  5. Hi…Thank you for this helpful post. We’re visiting Oslob this Saturday… 🙂
    By the way, are the GoPros for rent in the registration area?

  6. Emmanuel Misa

    Thank you very much for the info it’s a big help for those who are planning like me.

    May I ask, do we need get a Tour/service agent on this or no need? especially on the que?

    Thank you

  7. Mariz

    Hi there! I am planning to do a DIY Tour on August 23. Do you have any tips? although there might be changes in the prices but will it be safe I will just be alone getting there?

    • Hello! There might be price changes but hopefully not much. My tip would be to research well and always be alert esp you’re going alone. Enjoy your trip! 🙂

  8. JJ

    Hi! I’m not sure if you’ll be able to see this but I just want to ask if they have a lot of GoPro cameras for rent? I really want to rent one and just wanted to be sure. Thank you!

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