36 Days of Freebies starts now!

Freebies are always exciting! How about 36 days of freebies??? I’m sure you wanna know more about it! Here it is:


This holiday season, Buqo, an e-bookstore, reader, and app in one, prepared something awesome for their 1st Christmas. They will be giving away a book or magazine EVERY SINGLE DAY from November 26 (YUP, THAT’S TODAY!) up to the very last day of 2014. A new item will be featured daily and will be completely free to download for 24 hours. That’s “36 Days of Buqo Christmas” for us.

Starting TODAY at 11:00am, a new book or magazine will be unveiled on their social media channels as the featured freebie every day (better add us up now!). You will then have 11:00am until 10:00am the next day to get it. When 11:00am comes around again, a new freebie will be up for grabs.

These freebies will surely be helpful on my travels to while away the time waiting for the next flight or next boat/bus trip!

The buqo apps and website will have a special banner in the store (please see banner photo below) that you can check anytime for the featured freebie. If you don’t have the buqo app yet, now’s the best time to get it. Download it on your iOS or Android device, or both!

banner for app

Follow other Buqo social media at:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/buqoapp

Twitter: www.twitter.com/buqo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/buqoapp

What are you waiting for? Download the app and claim your freebies every day til 2014 ends!

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Watch out for this blog copier!

I got a ping back from one of my previous posts and I thought, “Wow, a respectful blogger just referred me in his/her post” only to find out that the blog that pinged back contains all of my blog posts!


Here’s my original blog:


I’m no expert blogger but I do know that such “mirror” blog sites will decrease traffic in my site. I tried to report this to WordPress but I can’t go any further in the report as the site I’m reporting is not a WordPress user. Also, it’s funny coz this is a problem for BIG TIME bloggers and I’m just a newbie! My gosh! >_<

What I did was to add Copyscape in my Sidebar and to change the Reading setting of my blog to Partial feeds.

Thanks to misstache for helping me out! Whew!


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