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Mt. Manalmon

It never occurred to me that one could do so much in Bulacan. It is a place of adventure.

Riding the bus bound for Cabanatuan, I anticipated the mountain climbing and spelunking that me and my officemates will do. It was a 2 1/2 hour-ride from Cubao but it was all worth it.

Here’s how our day went:


6:50AM Baliwag bus left for  Cabanatuan 117
9:00AM Arrived at Bgy. Kamias, San Miguel,Bulacan  
9-9:45AM Trike to Sitio Madlum, Bgy. Sibul              (240/trike + 15 fee) 65
  rafting fee 5
10:15 Start trek to Mt. Manalmon  
                    Reg fee 5
                    Guide: Php300*  
11:15-11:30 Summit  
11:30-12noon Snack/Lunch  
1-1:30PM Back to Sitio Madlum, prepared for spelunking  
  Guide: Php40/person*  
  headlight: Php30*  
1:30-2:30PM Spelunking Bayukbok Cave  
2:30-3:30PM back to Sitio Madlum, prepared for swimming  
3:30-4:30PM river swimming  
4:30-5:30PM back to Sitio Madlum, freshen up  
                         rafting fee 5
                         *total contri for all fees 80
5:30-6:15PM trike ride to Bgy. Sibul 80
7-9:30PM Manila 117


TOTAL:              Php474


The Climb

Climbing Mt. Manalmon was not that difficult compared with Mt. Batulao. It is for any beginner. The climb lasts for an hour including some 5-minute breaks.

view from the peak of Mt. Manalmon

view from the peak of Mt. Manalmon

Spelunking Bayukbok Cave

This was the highlight of our trip! We didn’t expect how challenging it was going to be. I was saying, “I wasn’t trained for this!” BUT it was all worth it! There are 2 caves but we wanted to swim in the river so we decided to explore just 1 cave to save time.

Also, exploring the other cave would mean additional Php40/person for the guide. It was a memorable experience! Must-try I must say.

me wriggling my way into the cave

me wriggling my way into the cave

River Swimming

We swam in a clear water after all the sweat we have accumulated from hikinh and spelunking. It was such a soothing experience. Wish we could stay longer but the night is about to draw near. We had to climb some rocks going back to Sitio Madlum so we had to start our way back.

swimming in clear water

swimming in clear water

trail to and from the river

trail to and from the river








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My Short Trips in 2012 #2: Amana Waterpark

We went to Amana Waterpark June of 2012. It was a fun overnight stay with many pools to choose from. Kids as well as the kids at heart will surely like the life-size characters of their favorite cartoon superheroes.

For more info regarding their rates, you may go to their website:

One way to describe it is it’s like Tagaytay (the climate, horseback riding, ziplining, etc) with swimming pools. There are also food stalls inside so don’t worry about bringing in food. We brought our own food so expenses were kind of trimmed down.

I spent Php1,374 for an overnight stay with my family of 6. Expenses were divided in 3 since we’re the “host” of the event. These include the room and the dinner. Their food are okay. 🙂 We drove there so I have no details regarding the expenses for transportation. I advise bringing your own car though.

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