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Maginhawa Resto#4: Crepeman

After our Mexican dining at Casa Quesadilla, we decided to have our dessert at Crepeman. It’s a few blocks away from Casa Quesadilla.

We ordered 1 mango peach crepe which costs Php100 and added 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream for Php30. I thought the crepe will be served on a plate but to our surprise, it was served like an ice cream cone.

Contrary to our experience from Casa Quesadilla, the servers at Crepeman were very accommodating and polite.

Although the crepe was hard to eat in the manner that it was served, we still enjoyed our stay because of the good customer service they have. I really hope they’d serve the crepe in a plate to enjoy it better.


✔ Price

✔ Taste

✔  Place: quite small

Will I come back here? YES 🙂

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