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My Short Trips in 2012 #1: Prestige Cruises

Here are some of the trips I had for the past several months which I haven’t posted but are worth mentioning.

Prestige Cruises

I bought a voucher from Ensogo for me, my boyfriend, my two sisters, and one of my sisters boyfriend. Each voucher, which is good for only one person, costs Php319. The voucher includes:

  • 1 ½ hour of a romantic sunset / evening cruise for 1
  • Filipino buffet dinner for 1

The experience was okay. No sunset though as we took the trip during the night. It was very cold because it was drizzling that time. The food was limited. Good thing we were seated near the buffet table. I’m sure many were frustrated with the food. Nothing special. The original price for such trip is Php645 but I doubt if they serve the same kind of food in a non-promo trip.

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