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Puerto Princesa Expenses and Contact Persons

Here’s a breakdown of our expenses from our Puerto Princesa trip. Amount is per person:

Airfare: Php1899.85

GoHotel: Php706

Underground River Tour Package: Php1540

DIY Honda Bay + City Tour = Php865.8

TOTAL (per person): Php5,011.65

The total amount does not include terminal fees, breakfast, lunch (except for the one included in the Uderground River Tour Package), dinner, and pasalubongs.


Kuya Jun (for package tours and van rentals): 09175414366

Tricycle Driver: 09482475241

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Where to Eat at Puerto Princesa

There are several recommended places to eat in Puerto Princesa from the blog searches that I’ve made. Most recommended would be Kahlui, Kinabutch, and Balinsasayaw. However, we had limited experience with the food in Puerto Princesa. We had a buffet lunch in our first day and brunch at Pandan Island in the 2nd day. We had dinner at Bona’s Chaolong in our Day1 and Kahlui in our Day2.

Bona’s Chaolong

We’ve heard of Vietnamese cuisine proliferating in Puerto Princesa. We asked about it and were told of Bona’s Chaolong. We rode a tricycle (Php20 each from gohotel) and on our way there, the driver told us that there’s a bigger Vietnamese restaurant. However, locals tend to eat at Bona’s (where we’re headed) and I thought I’d rather eat where the locals eat. And we made the right choice.

It’s my first time to try out a Vietnamese cuisine. I’m not even sure if it’s authentic but it’s still something new for me. At first, I thought the noodles will not satisfy my hunger but as I finish my food, boy, was I full! I loved the yakult shake and I crave for it until now.

beef stew w/noodles + cheese french bread + yakult shake = Php110

Food is very affordable and good but don’t expect much ambiance.

Kahlui Restaurant

I was pretty excited to try this restaurant after reading reviews which basically say that it’s pricey but has great ambiance and it’s a must-try. So, just like what I’ve read from other blogs, we booked a reservation for Kahlui the night before as they get filled up every night, which is true.

They will have you remove your footwear upon entering the resto. I guess it’s part of their uniqueness or trademark. The orange-colored lights, wooden floors, and all-native surroundings make up their ambiance.

They have limited menu and yes, they’re a bit pricey. In short, we were all disappointed with all the fuss for this resto when there’s nothing special with their food. For a meal and a drink, we paid around Php315!

grilled tuna

TIP: Don’t forget to ask for dessert. It’s for FREE but you have to ask for it. They might offer you their naughty dessert, here’s what it is:

Naughty dessert

Good thing we’re done eating when they served this. -_-

My take, nothing to lose if you skip this in your itinerary.

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DIY Puerto Princesa City Tour

You can get a City Tour package of Puerto Princesa for Php600 or more. Ours we got for only Php100/head! We asked a tricycle driver to tour us in the city. There are a lot of places to visit but what we just wanted to see were the Crocodile Farm and Baker’s Hill.

Crocodile Farm

Entrance Fee: Php40/head

You will be given a briefing by a guide before you start the tour. The guide will bring you to the area where crocodiles are kept after which you will be given the time to explore their nature park. Not really much to see if you’ve been to Avilon Zoo.

As you exit the place, there is an area where you can have your picture taken with the biggest baby crocodile, Kiko. Taking a picture with the baby crocodile costs only Php30 and the print out of your picture (if you want to have it) costs Php150 each.

Baker’s Hill

We wanted to see this place because it’s one of the places where you could buy goodies (pasalubong) that you could bring back home. Much to my surprise, it does not only sell pastries but it also is a dining place. The ambience is great and I could imagine how wonderful it is at night. Too bad we already had a reservation at Kahlui’s.

Other places to visit during the city tour includes Mitra’s Ranch, Penal Colony, and Butterfly Garden.

Photo credits to Gelo Quebral

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Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour

I took a package for our Underground River Tour so I don’t have to go through the hassle of falling in line to get our permits. The agency where you got your package tour will handle this for you. I’m not sure how much it costs for a DIY but it is offered at Php1300 – 1500 when I search online. I got a package for both Underground River Tour (includes all permits, entrance fees, van transfers, boat transfers, and a buffet lunch) and Firefly Watching (which we did not avail anymore) for Php2000 per head. The underground River Tour package costs Php1500. I got the package tour from Kuya Jun which I got from PEx.

We were picked up by Kuya Jun at our hotel at 10am. We had to travel going to the wharf for 1 – 1 1/2 hours. We had our lunch at Sabang. The buffet lunch was nothing special but they served their specialty, I guess. They’re mostly seafood and I’m not much of a fan of seafood that I’m not familiar with. Image

After lunch, we walked to a port nearby and waited for our turn to ride a small boat that will bring us to the Underground River.


After a short boat ride, we arrived at the Underground River. The place was tranquil with fine sand and huge rock formation. There were also monkeys roaming around freely. We were informed beforehand by our guide NOT to bring plastic bags or bottled water as the monkeys tend to snatch these from you. We walked at the registration area and waited for our turn to go through the Underground River while taking several pictures.

The tour was just 45 minutes. It was a very informative and entertaining tour. The boatman tells you everything you need to know about the Underground River as well as the rock formations found inside.The boatmen obviously have a script for the tour which includes the jokes that they to tell. They speak English to accommodate the several number of foreigners that flock one of the Seven Wonders of Nature.



It’s definitely a must-see. I felt that our trip to Puerto Princesa is pretty much accomplished after having gone through the river tour. The rest of the activities are just bonus. 🙂

When we were on our way back to the hotel, we decided not to go through the Firefly Watching since the bridge that we must pass thru going there is under construction. We had more free time to settle down and freshen ourselves up since we were not able to check in at once in the hotel.

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GoHotel Puerto Princesa

We were able to book 2 rooms for 3 days and 2 nights at GoHotel for only Php1412.  This includes a free van transfer to and from the airport. We arrived at the hotel before 10am and since their check in is still at 2PM, we could either leave our things at a safe place in the hotel for Php50 per locker or we could pay an additional fee for early check in which would cost us more than 1k. Good thing I had our Underground River Tour a package tour so the van will pick us up at the hotel at 10am. We just asked the van driver, Kuya Jun, if we could leave our bags in the van during the tour. 🙂

The room that we reserved has a queen size bed, cable, TV, hot and cold shower, and other bathroom necessities. Pretty much worth what you paid for. I won’t mind staying here again and in their other Gohotels.

*Photo credits go to Angelo Quebral.

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Puerto Princesa 3D/2N Itinerary

We were able to book a fairly cheap flight to Puerto Princesa. Php1150.33 MNL to Puerto Princesa via AirPhil and Php749.52 Puerto Princesa to MNL via CebuPac. We booked 2 rooms for 2 nights at GoHotel for Php1412.

As I scoured through the internet for places to visit in Puerto Princesa, I came up with the itinerary below. I had to fit most of the must-see places in 2 days since we have a morning flight on our last day. But, of course, that was the plan. Some unexpected things happened and we had to adjust. We decided to forego the Firefly watching as the bridge going there was said to be under construction. Our Honda Bay lacked Snake Island which I was looking forward to spending time bathing under the sun, because it was closed as DENR is doing some conservation activities in the island although some locals say that Willie Revillame had it closed for himself. Our City Tour was just at Crocodile Farm and Baker’s Hill since we were not so much into the other sites for the tour (or maybe we were all just eager to go back to the hotel and freshen up).

Day 1:

9am: Arrive at Puerto Princesa

10am: ETA at GoHotel/settle down and leave for Underground Tour

10am-4pm: Underground River Tour

4-6pm: Travel Time   Back at the hotel

6-8pm: Firefly Watching Dinner at Bona’s Chaolong

8pm onwards: dinner/back to hotel

Day 2:

6am: Breakfast

7:am-2:30pm: Honda Bay Tour

2:30-3:30pm: Travel Time

3:30-5:30pm: City Tour

5:30-7:30pm: back to hotel

7:30pm: dinner at Kahlui’s

Day 3:

10am flight back to MNL

Here are some helpful sites in planning your Puerto Princesa trip:

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My upcoming post:Underground River in Palawan


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Coron Trip: Expenses

Expenses below are for a group of four. The boatride would definitely be cheaper if there were more than four of us. But I find the amount still reasonable. 🙂

airfare – 2,292.88

van transfer – 300

hotel – 1850

trike – 87.50

boat – 1250♣

entrance fees – 950

lunch (from the market) – 127

TOTAL: Php 6857.38

♣ Our agreement with the boatman prior to arriving at Coron was Php1500 for the Coron Loop (day 1) and Php3500 for the other farther islands (day 2). Due to the flight delay, we opted to still give the Php5000 even if we had the tour of the different islands for just 1 day. They were very kind and accommodating anyway.

The computation above does not include the “pasalubongs” and the trike fare (around Php20 each) during our last day when we bought the pasalubongs. And the lunch we had before leaving for the airport at the Kawayanan Grill Station.

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Coron Trip Day2: Island Hopping

We’re supposed to have 2 days of island hopping but due to the delay in our flight, we only had 1 day for island hopping. We have contacted a boatman prior to our trip so everything has been settled with Kuya Betan (boatman). We just coordinated with him upon arriving at Coron regarding the time and place of meet up.  We met up with him at the market near our hotel coz we had to buy the ingredients needed for our lunch that the boatmen will cook. After that, our Island Hopping Adventure started!

There are entrance fees (per person) for each island:

Siete Pecados – Php100

Banana – Php200

Malcapuya – Php200

Twin Lagoon – Php100

Kayangan Lake – Php200

As much as we wanted to go to other islands, there’s a cut off time for island hopping. I think it’s 5PM so we had to go back (just in time for the sunset – again). It was such an unforgettable trip. I’d love to go back to Banana and Malcapuya Islands!

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Coron Trip: Mt. Tapyas and Maquinit Hotspring

Due to the delay in our flight, instead of having one of the 2 island hopping that we have scheduled for Day 1 and Day 2, we went to Mt. Tapyas. Fortunately, our hotel was situated where tricycles were so upon stepping out of the hotel, a tricycle was already there waiting for passengers. He said he could take (4 of) us to Mt. Tapyas, wait for us, take us to Maquinit Hotspring, wait for us, and bring us back to the hotel for only Php350 (that’s Php87.50 for each of us). We initially asked the van that took us from Busuanga airport but it was too expensive. Mt. Tapyas wasn’t too far from the hotel. From the drop-off point, it’s a 700 plus steps going to the top. It was quite exhausting for someone like me who does not have regular exercise. But you could take breaks as you go up the steps. There were areas with benches so you could stop and catch your breath and take pictures too. The sight from the top was really nice. Our timing was also great as the sun was about to set.

I think it took us 2 hours to climb up and down Mt. Tapyas. We all wanted to bathe. Good thing our next stop was the Maquinit Hotspring. Entrance fee’s at Php150/person.

sorry for the blurred image

It was an exhausting but very fulfilling day! We hurried back to the hotel as dinner is to be served only til 8:30PM. We made it on time and had full tummies. We slept early as our next trip was gonna start very early in the morning.

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