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Puerto Galera 2018

It’s been more than a decade since I last set foot in Puerto Galera, Mindoro.

puerto galera map

pic from Wikipedia

Not much has changed from the ticketing booth in Batangas pier to the upbeat night-life in the island.

How to go to Puerto Galera from Cubao:

  1. Ride a bus going to Batangas Pier. We rode Jam Liner.
  2. From the pier, buy tickets (preferably round trip) going to Puerto Galera. Some boats go to White Beach, Sabang, and Muelle. Make sure you book the correct destination.

*Use this same route when going back to Manila/Cubao.

What to do in Puerto Galera:

  1. Island Tour
  2. Island Hopping
  3. Snorkling
  4. Kayaking
  5. Zipline/Extreme sports
  6. Parasailing/Banana Boat ride/Flying Fish

You may contact any of the people below for your inquiries about the activities above:


Enjoy the sun and beach!

Breakdown of Expenses:

White Beach Hotel, Bar, and Restaurant Php3905.06 (c/o Agoda) good for 6 persons

Per Person
White Beach Hotel 781.012
Cubao to Pier 175
terminal & Env fees 80
Pier to White Beach RT 550
terminal fee 10
Pier to Cubao 197
Php 1793.012/person
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DIY Cebu: Day 3 Bantayan Island

city to bantayan

The map shows how far the travel is from Gran Tierra Suites to Bantayan Island where we’ll be spending 2 nights at Kota Beach Resort.

How to go to Bantayan Island:

  1. From Gran Tierra Suites, go to the North Bus Terminal in Cebu city near SM mall. In our case, we just took a taxi. It took around 15-20 minutes.
  2. From the North Bus Terminal, we took a Ceres bus going to Hagnaya port. Travel time is 2.5 to 3 hours.
  3. From Hagnaya port, we rode a ferry going to Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island. Travel time is 30-45 minutes.

From Bantayan Island, we were supposed to be picked up by the resort driver but while we were on the ferry, they informed me that they can’t pick us up and instead asked us to take a tricycle and they will pay for the ride.

All in all, the travel time from Gran Tierra Suites to Kota Beach was around 4 hours. Kinda long but we were asleep most of the time as we left the hotel at 4:45AM. We just bought some snacks that we could munch on while traveling. So imagine how hungry we were when we arrived at Kota Beach Resort. Our first meal cost us Php420! Haha!

We chilled/beach bummed at Kota Beach for 2 nights! We didn’t have to go island hopping, kayaking, etc. coz just staring at the long stretch of white sand with the sun rising or setting was more than enough to keep us where we were.

We also didn’t bother to go looking for another place to eat coz the resort’s resto serve good food at reasonable price. 🙂 If you’re looking for late night partying, this isn’t the place for that – that’s why I liked it here. Peace and quiet for 2 days. ^_^

The rooms/cottages were spacious enough and were air-conditioned. They don’t have a hot shower though (at least for the room that we booked) but there are certain rooms with hot shower in the resort. Apart from the amenities, the rooms are priced based on how near they are to the beach but don’t worry, it wouldn’t matter that much coz somehow you are still near the beach even if you get the room at the 4th row.

We left early on our last day to catch the earliest ferry going to Hagnaya port. Our flight was at 5:55PM so we had a lot of time to go around SM Cebu.

Itinerary and Expenses:

4:45AM-5AM          taxi from Gran Tierra to North Bus Terminal          Php120

5:35 – 8:55AM          travel to Hagnaya Port                                                    Php160/person

9:30AM                      ferry to Sta. Fe                                                                  Php170/person

                                      terminal fee                                                                      Php10/person

                                      Kota Beach Resort (Php2500/night)                         Php5000

Total: Php2900/person (excluding food)

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My Travel Lippie

Lately, I’ve been in search for a lippie (lipstick, lip gloss, and the like) not because I haven’t used one but the current ones I have are about to go empty. I’ve been using ELF make up products (lipstick, eye shadows, eyeliner) as well as Human Nature‘s tinted lip balm to add color to my lips. I’ve been using them for years now and I have no complain. I just want to try something new as more and more makeup products come out in the market. Here are some of the sites that I frequent that offer a variety of beauty products:

1. Seek the Uniq offers hard-to-find (coz some are not available in the local market or grocery) beauty products

2. ZALORA has an amazing collection of lipsticks

3. Human Nature has their own collection of mineral makeup

4. Beauty Bar has a vast collection of beauty products

When I travel, I have the Human Nature’s lip tint (flame tree) and Nivea’s lip balm in hand as my lips need to be kept moisturized all the time and the minty taste of the lip tint is refreshing especially during extreme cold and hot weathers.

How about you, what’s your travel lippie? I’d love to hear your suggestions! 🙂

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Matabungkay Beach at Batangas

As 2015 drew near, I knew I’d have less travels for this new year as I’ve decided to scrimp a little more than last year (Dubai and Singapore trips from last year are still pending to be posted). I kind of want to start the year away from the hustle and bustle of the city so I can do some personal reflections and goal settings.

My bf’s friend organized this Batangas trip and I assumed the role of a gf tagging along the trip. You see, I like planning and organizing trips. I like going through blog posts checking where our possible venue could be. But I also decided that this year, I’ll be less stressed by anything around me, to be more fluid, to be more affected by things that are really important.

For the first time, I went into a trip with no room reservations made, no itinerary, and no cooking or eating essentials. In short, the trip was short of a surprise! 🙂 And I was happy/OK about it. It was an opportunity to put one of my 2015 goals into action.

Resort Hunting

We initially inquired at The Coral Beach Resort. We were quoted with their peak season rates: Php2800 for their Standard room (good for 2 persons) and Php3800 for their DeLuxe room (good for 4). The resort has a small swimming pool and a restaurant. While checking out the beach front, we noticed that there were a lot of small boats “parked” which makes beach swimming quite not comfortable. A local approached us and told us that the rooms beside Coral Beach are priced for as low as Php2000/room. We checked it out but apparently the Php2k/room were only for off peak season.

We drove off to Bella Resort and found their rooms more affordable: Php2500 (good for 2-3 persons). They have no restaurant so we had to buy and cook our dinner later in the evening. They also have a swimming pool bigger than that of Coral Beach Resort. The beach front had no parked boats and the ambiance of the place was really relaxed unlike Blue Coral’s which felt busier. We were free to use their grilling area along with a gazebo-like beach shelter.

Here’s a quick comparison of Coral Beach Resort and Bella Resort

Coral Beach Resort Bella Resort
Price more affordable
Restaurant                     /
Swimming pool                    /       / (bit bigger)
Wifi                    /                 /
Ambiance busy, night life chill, relax

Almost everything is expensive in the area of Matabungkay. A calamansi costs Php1 each, a litre of softdrinks costs somewhere between Php75 – php100, a kilo of pork costs Php190, etc. In short, bringing your own food (and ingredients) is a lot cheaper.

The staff of Bella Resort were very accommodating in the sense that, apart from being courteous, they were willing to cater to our needs like hot water for our morning coffee and cup noodles and cooking our rice (for a fee of Php100).

We were happy with our decision to stay in Bella Resort because when the night came, the Coral Beach Resort area played loud music. We wanted a more relaxed place where we could spend the night exchanging stories while warming our bodies with alcohol. The climate was really cold that you’d turn to alcoholic drinks for warmth. 🙂

It was a fun, fun, fun experience!

My expenses for the trip ranged from Php2000 to Php2500 in a group of 4 persons. Again, the more, the merrier, the cheaper!

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Cagbalete Island: Where to Stay

There are a lot of blog posts on where to stay in Cagbalete. Here are some of them:

Villa Cleofas

Pansacola Beach Resort

Villa Noe Beach Resort

Dona Choleng (with AC rooms)


The resorts are owned by 1 family with just varying prices and amenities. Most of the resorts have cottage-type rooms with fans. I think, as of this writing, only Dona Choleng has rooms with AC thus, they’re a bit expensive. The rest ranges from Php1000 – 4000 depending on the number of people.

We opted to stay at Villa Noe Beach Resort because they are quite new. Although most of the blogs I read stayed at Villa Cleofas. Anyway, the 2 are just near each other.

The room we got was a room good for 4 – 6 people, Php2000. You may opt to bring your own tent so you’ll just have to pay for Php200/night. They also have their own tents which you can rent for Php300 – 500/night depending on the tent.

When we arrived, we thought the room was too small for all 5 of us to fit so we asked if there are other available rooms that are bigger. We were okay in having to add a few amount as long as we’re comfortable. Good thing there was a room that’s just Php1000 good for 2-3 people. We took 2 of those rooms so we didn’t have to add any amount. 🙂

1st room given to us

1st room given to us

inside the room

inside the room we stayed

room/s where we stayed

room/s where we stayed

just the basics

just the basics


The cottage where we get to eat and stay lazy was given to us for free. 🙂



Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of the restrooms but I assure you they are clean and well-maintained. There are 2 shower rooms, 2 toilets, and 2 shower/toilet rooms.

They have a “cooking area” where you have to use charcoal to cook your food. It’s always a great experience to cook from scratch. Just bring your own charcoal and if it runs out, they sell charcoal for Php20 a pack. 🙂 They lent us cooking utensils but it’s also better if you bring your own.

80g squid for Php80 only

1.1kg squid for Php110

1.10kg fish for only Php110

80g fish for Php80

no room for rice cooker

no room for rice cooker

Our stay at Villa Noe and Cagbalete was just really great! Time went by really slow that we were able to take a rest for what seemed like hours but in reality it wasn’t that long. We didn’t even think of going island hopping, kayaking, or scuba diving because we were that satisfied just listening to the wind and waves and looking at the wonderful view in front of the beach.

We enjoyed the water because it was warm! 🙂 However, high tide comes in late in the afternoon so if you like deep waters you’d have to wait til then.

the view

the view

Villa Noe Beach

Villa Noe Beach

low tide

low tide

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Cagbalete Island, Quezon

I came across Cagbalete in one of the must-see destinations in the Philippines and I took a mental note of going there. Good thing my sister invited me and my bf to join her and her bf in going there. There were 5 of us, including our youngest sister.

The journey was really long – 5 to 6 hours of 2 bus rides, 1 trike, and 1 boat but it’s all worth it. Initially we planned to meet at JAC Liner Kamias at 3am but due to the coming holy week next week, we thought there might be more travellers/bus riders on that day so we decided to meet the night before at 11PM. Good thing we changed plans as we had more time on our hands and we were not stressed with the travel going to Quezon. Also, it’s a good thing that we were wrong – there weren’t much bus riders then. Yay!


How to go to Cagbalete via Mauban

1. Ride JAC Liner bus at Kamias, Cubao going to Mauban

*The Mauban route has only 2 schedules. One starts at 5AM. If you miss it, the next one is in the afternoon I think.

2. Ride trike going to Pantalan/port

3. Ride boat going to Cagbalete


How to go to Cagbalete via Lucena Grand Central Station (this is what we did)

1. Ride JAC Liner bus at Kamias, Cubao going to Lucena GRand Central Station

* This route has almost 24 hours schedule (pls check JAC Liner’s website)

2. Ride (non-AC) bus going to Mauban

3. Ride trike going to Pantalan/port

4. Ride boat going to Cagbalete


2014-04-12 06.45.41 2014-04-13 12.24.07

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The Suites at Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country Club

My bf just started his sembreak and I wanted to take him for a vacation. While scouring through the net for possible weekend escape, I stumbled upon The Suites at Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country Club. The place seemed to be a great venue to relax and unwind — I was correct!

I initially booked for an overnight (2pm-12noon) stay but we changed our mind a few days before our booked date and had it booked for day use (8AM-6pm) instead. The accommodation, free use of their pool, plus free breakfasts for 2 costs Php3050. The same amount for overnight booking.

Since it will be our first time there, I had a lot of questions. Good thing they were really very accommodating and they seem to answer all my queries 24/7 whether thru text or email. That’s great customer service! (As expected from a first-class hotel.)

How to Get There?

1. Take a bus going to Lipa via Calabarzon at Buendia Bus Terminal (Php100-135). Jam Bus with routes via Calabarzon seem to be able to get you there faster. We were given student discounts (yay!) and were charged Php100.

2. Take a trike from Lipa bus terminal to SM Lipa Terminal (Php40 for 2 pax). The buses used to end at SM Lipa Terminal but I heard that now Jam buses have a different terminal and are not allowed at SM Lipa Bus Terminal.

3. Take another trike from SM Lipa to The Suites at Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country Club (Php60 for 2 pax).

The resort has a shuttle service (golf cart) that will take you to the reception area when you get there. That’s it then you go explore the place upon checking in.

Accommodation costs around Php2500 without the breakfast. Their breakfast meals cost around Php250 and their lunch costs around Php320 above. The breakfast was so-so but the lunch was really great. Big serving and definitely sumptuous. You may opt to have your meals outside of the resort. One trike ride away and you’re out there with several choices like  Shakey’s, Goldilocks, etc.

TIP: If you intend to dine in their resto, make sure you’re not wearing short shorts and slippers. They’re quite strict with the dress code.


TIME                               ACTIVITY                                                                   PRICE/person

7am             Buendia bus terminal to Lipa via Calabarzon                 Php100

8:15             Trike from Lipa Bus terminal to SM Lipa                           Php20

8:30              Trike to The Suites at Mt. Malarayat                                  Php30

9-5                Explore, Eat, Swim                                                                   Php1525

Lunch                                                                                          Php320

5:15pm       Trike to SM Lipa                                                                       Php25

Bus to Cubao*                                                                          Php132

*We decided to ride from SM Lipa instead of riding another trike at the Lipa Jam Bus terminal.

I liked the place so much I’m booked again at The Suites on November! This time with my family for my sister’s birthday celebration.


Tutubi gave a great and thorough review for The suites at Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country Club.
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4D/3N Davao: Actual Itinerary and Summary of Expenses

Day1: Oct.14 Activities Expenses per head
5am-6:45am MNL to DAVAO
6:45am-7:15am Davao to Sasa wharf taxi to wharf (Php100) 33
7:15am-7:45am Sasa Wharf to Babak ferry 10
7:45am-10 Babak to Kaputian tricycle (Php250) 83
10:00 Captain Hook’s Red Parrot Inn accommodation 534
10-11:30 lunch 205
11:30-1:30pm Talicud Island Hopping package tour (1800/boat) 600
1:30-3pm Kaputian Beach Resort Kaputian Beach Resort Entrance Fee 15
3pm onwards FREE TIME dinner at nearby carienderia 40
Subtotal 1520
Day2: Oct.15 Activities Expenses per head
7:30am Check out Captain Hook’s Inn breakfast 0
9am-1:30pm Pearl Farm ride to Pearl Farm (Php1k for the day) 334
Day Tour + Lunch 1800
1:30-2:30pm Giant Clam Kuya Robert (1k/boat) 334
Environmental fee 75
2:30-3pm Samal Island Huts (SIH) accommodation w/bfast 767
4pm FREE TIME early dinner 85
Subtotal 3395
Day3: Oct.16 Activities Expenses per head
8am Breakfast at Samal island Huts
9:30am check out SIH trike to Babak wharf 20
9:45-10am Babak Wharf to Sasa Wharf ferry 10
10-10:45am Sasa Wharf to Domicilio/Lachi’s cab from wharf to Lachi’s (Php160) 53
10:45am Lachi’s lunch 210
trike from Lachi’s to Blugre Café (Php30) 10
12noon  Blugre Coffee durian coffee 150
Aldevinco jeep from Blugre to Aldevinco 8
Bangkerohan jeep fromAldevinco to Bangkerohan 8
souvenirs 390
3pm Domicilio Lorenzo cab from Bangkerohan to Domicilio (Php70) 23
accommodation 600
dinner 125
Subtotal 1607
Day4: Oct.17 Activities Expenses per head
 9am Breakfast at TAPS breakfast 90
10am leave for airport fare to airport via bus 15
11am DVO – MNL 1:20pm lunch 80
3:00 PM MNL terminal fee at Davao 200
Subtotal 385

Grand Total: Php6,907 + airfare Php1,603.8 = Php8,510.8 (inclusive of all fares, meals, and souvenirs/pasalubong)

TIPS to make your Davao adventure cheaper AKA lessons from the trip:

1. Make use of Pearl Farm’s package tour. We didn’t, so we had to rent out the trike. Pearl Farm’s package tour includes a roundtrip ferry to and from Sta. Ana wharf.

2. There are few food choices in Kaputian. You may opt to bring your own food and have the staff where you’re staying cook it for you at minimal fee or scout for nearby carinderias. We were too tired and hungry when we arrived at Red Parrot Inn so we ended up having a meal worth more than Php600!

3. I thought staying in different hotels would’ve saved us travel time. Maybe it did but it also cost us. A  better itinerary would’ve been:

Day1: Davao City Tour (find an accommodation near the wharfs)

Day2: Pearl Farm, GIant Clams (after arriving at Pearl Farm, have your contact for the Giant Clam meet you at the back door of Pearl Farm; go to the Giant Clams first so it is still low tide then just get back to Pearl Farm and enjoy it the rest of the day)

Day3: Samal island Tour (from farthest to nearest from Babak wharf) – Talicud Island, Kaputian Beach, Hagimit, Monfort Bat Cave, Vanishing Island


Contact numbers:

tricycle driver, Kuya Jason – 09129276559

Giant Clam, Kuya Robert – 09496579661


Other Davao Posts:

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Davao Day 4: Back to MNL

We left Domicilio Lorenzo around 8am so we could have enough time to have our breakfast at TAPS then travel to the airport.


Taps seem to be quite a common resto in Davao much like Blugre Cafe. Good thing there was a Taps (and Blugre Cafe) near Domicilio Lorenzo. We just walked going there upon checking out. Taps has different combinations of food with tapa as main viand.


Nothing special about their food except that they are quite affordable.

We walked for a few minutes from Taps then took a bus to the airport. That’s cheaper than taking a cab. The bus ride was around an hour. We had plenty of time to spare so it was fine. We waited for our flight then were back to MNL!

TIP: Durian fruit has to be checked-in. So if you plan on bringing home a durian fruit, might as well take a check-in service in your return flight from Davao when you buy your plane tickets. It’s cheaper than having I checked in on the day of your flight. Also, might as well bring more than 1kilo of durian.



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Davao Day 3: Food Trip

We dropped all our planned activities for today and went straight to the city after our free breakfast at Samal Island Huts.

2013-10-16 07.51.04 2013-10-16 07.51.17

How to go to Davao city from Samal island:

1. take a trike to Babak wharf

2. Ride a ferry from Babak wharf to Sasa wharf

3. take a cab from Sasa wharf to anywhere you need to be at Davao city


In our case, we went straight to Lachi’s for our delicious lunch. We tried their durian cheesecake and durian sansrival (Php75). Prices are affordable and food was delicious!

Then we took a trike from Lachi’s to Blugre Cafe and drank our durian coffee (Php150).

2013-10-16 13.44.44

Aldevinco and Bangkerohan

Then we went to Aldevinco and Bangkerohan for our pasalubong shopping. We took a jeep from Blugre Cafe to Aldevinco. We didn’t like to buy shawls or malongs so we decided to go to Bangkerohan instead. We rode a jeep to Bangkerohan from Aldevinco. Bangkerohan is like a market so stuff are cheap. We brought all our pasalubongs (durian – Php40/kilo; durian candies – Php100/6packs) there.

DSCN0253 DSCN0254

Accommodation: Domicilio Lorenzo

We were all sweaty and tired after buying pasalubong from Bangkerohan. We took a cab from there to Domicilio Lorenzo. It was creepily quiet there. The place looks too homey but was like a museum too. We enjoyed the pool there too. It was raining quite hard so we asked the staff to order our dinner from Jollibee and ate in our room. We prepared our stuff for tomorrow’s check out then went to sleep.

DSCN0255 DSCN0259



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