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My Travel Lippie

Lately, I’ve been in search for a lippie (lipstick, lip gloss, and the like) not because I haven’t used one but the current ones I have are about to go empty. I’ve been using ELF make up products (lipstick, eye shadows, eyeliner) as well as Human Nature‘s tinted lip balm to add color to my lips. I’ve been using them for years now and I have no complain. I just want to try something new as more and more makeup products come out in the market. Here are some of the sites that I frequent that offer a variety of beauty products:

1. Seek the Uniq offers hard-to-find (coz some are not available in the local market or grocery) beauty products

2. ZALORA has an amazing collection of lipsticks

3. Human Nature has their own collection of mineral makeup

4. Beauty Bar has a vast collection of beauty products

When I travel, I have the Human Nature’s lip tint (flame tree) and Nivea’s lip balm in hand as my lips need to be kept moisturized all the time and the minty taste of the lip tint is refreshing especially during extreme cold and hot weathers.

How about you, what’s your travel lippie? I’d love to hear your suggestions! 🙂

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Of Singapore’s Walkable City and Footwears

Just got back from my 7-day Singapore trip. I wanted to write a post as it seems to be very timely – coming back as the year ends. I won’t go into the details of our trip yet (maybe I could have them as an intro to my 2015 posts) but I wanted to highlight one characteristic of Singapore which may or may not work for you – it being a walkable city.

I like that it’s clean and everything is so organized. You know where to ride the bus, train, and taxi. This is my fourth trip to SG yet I’m still amazed at how much they make things predictable by being detail-oriented (all those signages and info materials to help you go around). I can feel how they value time. I think that’s one of the reasons why everything has to be organized – to save time because as an old adage says, “Time is gold.” 

The 7 days were exhausting though as we’ve been walking for hours in and around tourist spots. We’d return at our rented apartment dead tired, body and feet sore. It made me realize how comfortable footwear is a very important travel companion. In preparation for my 2015 travels, I’ll be looking around for a footwear that will suit my type of travel.

I remember climbing Mt. BatulaoMt. Pinatubo, and Mt. Manalmon with rubber shoes that weren’t meant for climbing. If only my feet could talk, I’m pretty sure foul words would come out of it. I guess I’ve had enough experiences with improper foot wear that it’s high time I treat my feet right. 🙂

So far, here are some online footwear shops that seem to be interesting:

Seek the Uniq

Steffie Shoes


Yellow Bird Shoes


The above list is a personal preference of mine. Either I frequent their site, bought from them, or own some pairs of footwear from them. I know there are several sites in the cyberworld but these interest me because of two things: either they’re affordable or (if they’re expensive) I like their designs and styles.

Feel free to comment your suggestions. I like discovering new online shops! 🙂

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