Davao Day 4: Back to MNL

We left Domicilio Lorenzo around 8am so we could have enough time to have our breakfast at TAPS then travel to the airport.


Taps seem to be quite a common resto in Davao much like Blugre Cafe. Good thing there was a Taps (and Blugre Cafe) near Domicilio Lorenzo. We just walked going there upon checking out. Taps has different combinations of food with tapa as main viand.


Nothing special about their food except that they are quite affordable.

We walked for a few minutes from Taps then took a bus to the airport. That’s cheaper than taking a cab. The bus ride was around an hour. We had plenty of time to spare so it was fine. We waited for our flight then were back to MNL!

TIP: Durian fruit has to be checked-in. So if you plan on bringing home a durian fruit, might as well take a check-in service in your return flight from Davao when you buy your plane tickets. It’s cheaper than having I checked in on the day of your flight. Also, might as well bring more than 1kilo of durian.



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