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Davao Day2: Pearl Farm and Giant Clams

This was the highlight of our trip. Pearl Farm is really a must-see when you go to Davao.

We were picked up by Kuya Jason, the tricycle driver from yesterday, at 7am. We rented his services for the whole day for Php1000. Plan was to check out from Red Parrot, go to Pearl farm then Giant Clams at Adecor then Hagimit Falls and if we still have time, go to Monfort Bat Cave then check in at Samal Island Huts at Babak. Sounds like a good plan, right? But as the title of this post goes, we got to see only 2 of our planned itinerary for the day.

Activity1: Pearl Farm

We traveled to Pearl Farm from Red Parrot Inn through a tricycle — bad idea. Now I understand why part of the package tour (Php1800/person –discounted probably due to off season) from Pearl Farm is the boat ride to and from Sta. Ana wharf. It was kind of unthinkable to go to Pearl Farm by land – even via habal-habal. The road was rough and a bit dangerous. Probably because the road near Pearl Farm was made for habal-habals not tricycles. But even for a habal-habal, the trip would be terrible especially if you have your things with you. After around 1 hour and a half, we were able to reach Pearl Farm tired from the tricycle ride. But seeing the beauty of Pearl Farm, we (almost) forgot about our tricycle (mis)adventure.

Pictures aren’t enough to describe how wonderful the place was. Upon arrival, we were given our welcome drinks while one of the staff explains to us where the pool is and that there’s a boat that could bring us to the other Pearl Farm which they call Malipano Island. Our bags were put in a locker provided by Pearl Farm then we explored the place! We stayed there til around 2pm. The lunch buffet, included in the package tour, was really sumptuous!

Activity2: Giant Clams

While Kuya Jason was waiting for us at Pearl Farm, we were surprised to find out that Kuya Robert, the boatman we rented (Php1000/boat) for our Giant clam trip, was already there at the gates of Pearl Farm ready with his boat to take us to the Giant Clams. That saved us a trip to Adecor, which was quite near from Pearl Farm. We were taken by suprise when we found out that the Giant Clams were far from the shore! I apologize for our ignorance but the pictures I saw from travelingkit seemed like they were just near the shores. It was due to the lowtide. Since we went there after lunch, the tide was high already so we had to snorkel just to see the clams. I wanted to back out but I thought, my bf wanted to swim with the whale sharks in one of our future trips, and if I can’t snorkel with these clams how will I be able to swim with the whale sharks too? So snorkel with the clams I went. We were provided with life vests (for free) so we were safe to snorkel. Snorkeling gears are also available for Php100 but we brought our own goggles so we didn’t have to rent those.

After the snorkeling and tricycle adventures, we felt tired. And just thinking about the 800+ steps at Hagimit Falls made us want to just check in at Samal Island Huts. We thought of pushing through the Monfort Bat cave but the staff from Samal Island Huts told us that they don’t let people in after 5pm. It was already past four then so we decided not to go. We thought of going there the following day just like we planned together with the Vanishing Island tour but hiring Kuya Jason again (he asks for Php600! but we were able to negotiate for Php400) plus the boat ride for Vanishing Island tour (Php500/boat) plus the thought of us bringing our things for the whole trip made us just say “nah, nevermind; let’s just visit Davao again.”

Accommodation: Samal Island Huts

So we went straight to Samal Island Huts. The place was not quite how we expected it to be. It was kind of private but very cozy and homey. I think they only have 4 rooms and 1 small pool (you couldn’t even do a lap). The staff were all men but they were very accommodating. We had our dinner outside because their food were pricey. The place was also far from the main road so it was difficult to get a ride from there but it’s easy to go there from the main streets. We spent the rest of the night at the warm pool.

2013-10-16 07.45.26

The staff at Samal island Huts can arrange tours for you. Just let them know beforehand so they can make arrangements. Here’s their website:

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Davao Day 1: Talicud Tour at Samal Island

Just wanted to share a wonderful discovery during our trip to Davao. Gelo, my sister’s friend, taught us about the bus from MRT/LRT Taft that goes to NAIA. The ride costs Php20 only! That saved us a lot! We usually take a cab from Taft to the airport or from our house to the airport.

Anyway, we decided to spend Sunday night at the airport since our flight to Davao is at 5am, Monday. We didn’t get much sleep. We slept during the plane ride.

Here’s how we reached Red Parrot Inn from Davao airport (Francisco Bangoy International airport):

1. Cab from airport to Sasa wharf

2. Ferry from Sasa wharf to Babak, Samal Island (trips to Samal Island are more frequent here than Sta. Ana wharf which has trips to Kaputian)

3. took a tricycle from Babak to Red Parrot Inn (the tricycle driver agreed to take us to Kaputian for Php250 only. The tourist price is Php600. This caused some kind of commotion when the other trike drivers found out about our arrangement with Kuya Jason)

Alternative 1: From Sasa wharf, you may opt to wait for a bus that goes around Samal Island. In our case, we could have waited for a bus with a sign board that says “Kaputian” or “Penaplata”. The bus gets on the ferry and gets off at Babak then travels to Kaputian/Penaplata. Ride a tricycle or habal-habal in Penaplata going to Kaputian. If you have plenty of time, you may go for this route. But we were on a hurry to reach Red Parrot Inn for our Talicud Island Tour.

Alternative 2: From Babak, hire a habal-habal. They charge more than Php300 per person. As much as we’d like to experience riding on a habal-habal, our heavy stuff and lack of sleep prevented us to do so.

You may find a map of Samal Island here.

Accommodation: Red Parrot Inn

We had to pass by rough roads going to Red Parrot Inn. We were starving when we got there so we had no choice but to order food from them. Our bill was more than Php600 for 3 viands that were for sharing. We knew better come dinner time. We ate at a carinderia nearby. Our dinner cost was Php120 for 3 persons. 🙂

Kuya Aries, the staff there, was very very accommodating. He upgraded our room probably because it was still lean season. We had the best good night sleep here! Well, maybe because we were really tired and lacked sleep.

Activity 1: Talicud Island Tour

After having our lunch, we prepared for our Talicud Island Tour. Much to our dismay, this was not an island hopping tour. We were brought to different places where one can dive or snorkel — not our thing. We just took pictures then went back to Red Parrot Inn. The trip was around 2 hours only.

Talicud Island map

Talicud Island map

Cost: Php1800/boat

Activity2: Kaputian Beach Resort

Good thing Kaputian Beach Resort was just a few steps away from Red Parrot Inn. What’s great was the Entrance Fee’s only Php15! The beach quenched our thirst for sand and quietness. We enjoyed a few good hours here just before we had our dinner and hit the sack.


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4D/3N Davao: Planned Itinerary

After scouring through different travel blogs* on how to go do-it-yourself in Davao, I finally came up with the Itinerary below:

Day1: Oct.14 Activities Expenses per head
5am MNL to DAVAO    
6:45am Davao    
7-7:15am Sta. Ana Wharf taxi to wharf  
  Breakfast; buy lunch                                                                 A.First trip 9am ” PALBROS2 ” then back to Davao at 3pm.B. Second trip 12noon ” BIG PALBROS ” then back to Davao at 7am following day

C. Third Trip 3pm ” GRACE” then back to Davao 8am following day.

D. Fourth Trip 4pm ” HOFF GORIE” then back to Davao 8:30am following day.

9:00am Sta. Ana Wharf to Kaputian ferry


10:00 Captain Hook’s Red Parrot Inn accommodation


10-2 or 3pm Talicud Island Hopping package tour


3pm onwards FREE TIME dinner  


Day2: Oct.15 Activities Expenses per head
  Check out Captain Hook’s Inn breakfast  
8am-1pm Pearl Farm ride to Pearl Farm  
    Day Tour + Lunch


1-3pm Giant Clam Kuya Robert

334 (1k/boat)

    EF+snorkel etc


3-5pm Hagimit Falls habalhabal fr Adecor to Babak Wharf


    EF+environmental fee


5pm onwards Samal Island Huts (SIH) ride fr Hagimit to Babak/SIH (bus/habalhabal)  
  FREE TIME accommodation w/bfast




Day3: Oct.16 Activities Expenses per head
6am Breakfast at SIH    
7-7:15 Walk to Monfort Bat Colony    
7:15-8:15 Monfort Bat Colony Entrance


8:15-8:30 Walk back to SIH    
8:30-10:30 Vanishing Island RT ferry to and fromVanishing Is

167 (500/boat)

10:30-10:45 ferry back to SIH    
10:45-11am check out SIH    
  Babak Wharf to Sasa Wharf ferry


1pm Sasa Wharf to Domicilio/Lachi’s lunch  
  Lachi’s fare from wharf to Lachi’s


   Blugre Coffee from Abreeza durian coffee


    fare from Lachi’s to Phil. Eagle  
  Phil. Eagle EF+environmental fee




  Back to Domicilio dinner  




Day4: Oct.17 Activities Expenses per head
  Breakfast at TAPS breakfast  
  Bangkerohan Shopping souvenirs  
  Aldevinco Shopping    


leave for airport fare to airport  


DVO – MNL lunch  

3:00 PM


Estimated Grand Total: Php6,307 (exclusive of food, fare, and pasalubong)

We planned to start with the farthest destination first, Talicud, Samal Island, then spend the last day in the city. We were to check in at 3 different hotels/inns to facilitate our activities in Samal Island and to be able to explore the island as well.

But, of course, things didn’t turn out the way we planned. A few days before our trip, we decided to take the Sasa wharf route instead of Sta. Ana wharf so we could start with our Talicud Island tour early. The boat ride from Sta. Ana wharf starts at around 9am or 10am which means that we’ll be at the Red Parrot Inn by 10am or 11am – too late for the tour according to our contact at Red Parrot who helped book our tour.

We also had to drop some activities because we were too tired from our tricycle (mis)adventures to and from Pearl Farm. This carried on til our last night in Davao thus, no city tour for us. -_-

Actual Itinerary and Summary of Expenses on my succeeding posts.


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