Exploring Camiguin (Day 2): White Island

We left the cottage at 5:30am and head off for White Island. We rented a boat (which was part of the voucher we purchased) and after 30 minutes, we’re at the White Island. It’s a sand bar with very fine white sand. We stayed there for 3 hours just marvelling at the scenery. I think the best times to go there are at sunrise and sunset. But you have to watch out for the high tide coz there’ll only be  a few left of the sand bar when high tide comes. I think that’s the reason why nothing permanent has been placed there.

While checking out the entire “island”, we came across a local who’s diving for sea urchins. He said we could eat the sea urchins. Later, we tasted his catch soaked in vinegar. It tasted like crab paste (“aligue”). Some say it’s an aphrodisiac.

As the sun went up some umbrellas were being set up by locals to protect us from the heat of the sun.

Of all the tourist spots in Camiguin, this one is a must-see. Let the pictures tell you why.




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