Buffalo’s Wings and Things

If you’re the adventurous type on anything spicy, try Buffalo’s Wings and Things’ different levels of spiciness for their chicken wings or chicken tenders.

Buffalo's Wings and Things

If you’re able to finish their Wingsanity (level of spiciness), you’re picture will be put in their Wall of Fame. We tried the Kpop level of spiciness and it was just the right kind of spiciness. A little more spicy and I don’t think I could eat it anymore.


I had the Garlic Parmesan flavor for chicken tenders which basically had no spiciness but tasted great! 🙂 There’s also Honey BBQ flavor for people who aren’t into spicy food.


It was fun trying out something different with the usual chicken wings.


✔ Price

✔ Taste

✔ Place

Will I come back here? YES 🙂


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